The First 30 Days of P90X

I am PROUD of the big changes I made in my life recently. Here’s how I got started cleaning up my nutrition… one step at a time.

From the moment I decided to give my health a full on makeover and commit the next 3 months to change my ways (and carry it for life), I took some before pictures and wrote out my goals. When I looked at the pictures I took, I almost threw up in disgust. I had no idea that the way I was feeling was reflecting my outward appearance that much.

Then, I cut many things out of my diet and added many things- some of which I had never even heard of before.

The first to go was diet soda, in which I was consuming a couple a day. The thought of putting a liquid into my body and that same liquid being able to eat through car paint grossed me out. Next to go was crystal lite, in which I was drinking about a half gallon a day. No joke. I then cut out coffee, including the cream and splenda to go with it and replaced it with water with lemon. Most importantly, I have eliminated alcohol. This is HUGE for many people. Not only is it empty calories, but your body has a hard time processing it and what it doesn’t process turns to fat. So I said goodbye to my rum and diet cokes. Sniff, sniff. I decided my health was way too important and clearly I need to make some drastic changes if I was going to turn things around.

Next I moved on to what I was eating. I stopped eating highly processed foods (Smart Ones) frozen dinners, red meat, pork, fast food, fried food, white flour (bread and pasta), and sugar. I added in stevia (similar to splenda but in a raw food form), quinoa (my favorite!) tastes better than cous cous and brown rice… and it’s healthier, AND I stocked my fridge with tons of vegetables.

My focus on food during this time was to ‘eat clean’ and in my mind that meant the less chemicals, the better. Lots of salads (no dressing, unless I added 1TB of olive oil for healthy fat), vegetables, and less meat (I was eating WAY too much meat each day).

In addition to all of this, I started drinking Shakeology daily. To learn more of the benefits of Shakeology, go to to learn more.

I also made sure I was eating 5-7 times a day. This helped tremendously in keeping my energy levels up all day long.

These were the first steps I took to cleaning up my nutrition. Almost immediately, I started feeling better and was able to work out full force. I have been doing P90X and have been ‘BRINGING IT’ 6 days a week. Coupled with my clean eating and Shakeology, I have already seen great things happening to my body.

I am on my way…



Update– Here is my PERSONAL JOURNEY going through the full P90X program!!