13 weeks of hard core workouts- 6 days a week.

Advanced total-body training program focused on abs, legs, chest, back, and arms.

How it Works: Twelve routines that keep introducing new moves and challenging your muscles to get you absolutely ripped in 90 days.

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10 Tips for Starting P90X

10 Tips to help you through your first days of P90X By: Jamie Len Cumbo I am currently on a personal journey to health and doing P90X. As I have gone through this journey the past 45 days, I have learned a lot so far. Here are some simple tips I have put together to …

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5 More Tips to Help you with P90X

By: Jamie Len Cumbo 1. Resting in between reps is ok. I used to think that once you could not do anymore without stopping, that meant you were done. Wrong. Try doing 9 reps, then stop and take a couple deep breaths…and push some more out. You will find these mid-set breaks actually help you …

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Overcome Excuses

Overcome excuses and get to your happy place. We have all been guilty at some time of making excuses and blaming circumstances for where we are in life. Here are 4 simple tips to help you overcome those excuses you keep telling yourself why you can’t have the body you’ve always wanted. It may be …

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What’s Your Excuse?

Are you notorious for making excuses, especially when it comes to getting in shape? Do you keep telling yourself you’ll start eating healthy and will work out tomorrow? Take responsibility for your health and your life starting now. We have a lot more control over it than you may realize with our nutrition and exercise. …

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