Overcome Excuses


Overcome excuses and get to your happy place. We have all been guilty at some time of making excuses and blaming circumstances for where we are in life. Here are 4 simple tips to help you overcome those excuses you keep telling yourself why you can’t have the body you’ve always wanted. It may be closer than you think.

1. Don’t compromise. If it means going to be earlier so that you can wake up an hour earlier in to get your workout in (even if you’re not a morning person), do it. If it means missing out on certain social gatherings during your ‘transformation period’, that’s ok! And, if it means you only eating out once a week now so you can cook healthy meals at home, that’s called dedication. There are always ways to find solutions to the ‘so-called’ obstacles in your way. Don’t compromise your health for what feels good at that moment.

2. Turn Procrastination into Action. You have been saying the word tomorrow for a long time now and it still hasn’t come yet. The best time to start a serious commitment is the time when you are tempted the most. That way, once you get through it, you know the rest will be easy. There will never be a perfect time to do anything… so take that first step and the rest will follow. Think about how good you will feel a few pounds lighter in January, rather than having the typical few pounds of weight gain most people have.

3. Find a Fitness Family. This one is so critical to your overall success. This way, you have support, accountability, and ways to talk through some of the successes and challenges you will face on your health journey. Even when you think you are in complete control, life will throw a curveball at you (an injury, traveling schedule, unplanned hunger). Surrounding yourself with others who are on the same journey is going to be the key to your success. And these people won’t let you make excuses!

4. Decide What you Want and It’s Yours. Where you are in life right now is a result of past thoughts and actions. We all know to get different results, you must do something different. You must write out exactly what you want and why you are making these changes, make a plan of action to take to help you get there, and focus on this every day. It must be your own burning desire for change. The more excited you get reading it, the quicker you will attract it into your life.

Once you get your mindset right, the rest will follow. Then, you will be able to put more energy into focusing on your personal reasons why you want to change your health (not why you can’t). Soon, you will find a burning desire deep within to help give you a push to start achieving your fitness goals, today.

And when you’re ready to change, I’m ready to help.

By: Jamie Len Cumbo