My Health Journey Begins

On The Journey to Health

By: Jamie Len Cumbo

This year has been life changing in more ways that one.

I finally made a commitment to live a life of health. I have been struggling with symptoms of an autoimmune I have called Sjorgren’s. It wasn’t until recently I realized that I was the one who had control over some of those symptoms with what I was feeding my body every day. I then decided to commit to a regiment to get my health back and learn how to do it the right way, with a P90X challenge. I realized that not ‘feeling’ well was affecting all areas of my life and I was ready for a big change.

My fitness journey has been a life long struggle of health complications, years of emotional eating, drinking too much alcohol, and yo-yo dieting galore! I have always struggled with my weight. It was an all or nothing attitude. Most of the time, I would be good during the week, eating what I thought were healthy foods, then ‘enjoying’ the weekends… putting all my hard work to waste. Not to mention on the days I wasn’t feeling well, I would get down about it and mindlessly eat, turning it into a snowball effect. I would overeat, then not feel well, and wouldn’t work out. It was a vicious cycle.

They say you have to hit rock bottom to find yourself. This is very true. I have fought this battle long enough. I went through several months of not feeling well and recently decided that I was done seeing doctors and I was going to do everything in my power that I had control over to get out of my current situation. I started reading about how the food we eat directly affects our bodies and our lives. I had always heard this, but did not truly grasp the concept until I started eating clean.

I will be blogging about this journey as I go. The ups, the downs, the accomplishments, and the lessons learned along the way. This journey is not a journey to lose weight. It is a journey to health… from the inside out.


My PERSONAL results and journey of going through P90X!