By: Jamie Len Cumbo

For those of you who have been following my journey the past few years, THANK YOU!

There has been more personal growth this year than I could have ever imagined since surrendering my heart to God last year. I have struggled. Made mistakes. I’ve grown. My priorities have changed. Yes, they CAN change! I feel God has truly been working HARD in my life, especially the past couple months (well I had a lot that needed to be worked on 🙂

(For the story what brought me to a place of total surrender last year – ( ) )

But, since that defining moment just a year ago, as much as I’d LOVE to say I gave him my heart and soul and miracles started happening and everything got better…. they didn’t. Actually, some things got worse, and the more I struggled, the stronger my faith grew & the more I leaned on Him.

It was ALL necessary.

I was baptized back in February ( ) then this summer went on my first mission trip, which were two life changing events.

To say my priorities and heart changed when I came back from Cambodia would be an understatement. Things I thought were SO important weren’t anymore.

My life was no longer just about me and became all about Him and how I could bring glory to his name for saving me. Literally!

He’s taught me SO much this year!!! He’s taught me….

There are no accidents or coincidences.

We all have a PURPOSE in this life.

That our jobs do NOT define us, He does.

That God’s love is unconditional, even when we mess up and try to do things ‘our’ way.
That prayer changes things.

That the more you GIVE & focus on helping others the HAPPIER you will be regardless what is happening around you.

That when you have FAITH everything else falls into place.

And that when you BELIEVE, it’s ok not to have all the answers.

So with this, again THANK YOU for being part of this journey & it’s just a small reminder that if you’re in a tough season in your life, questioning your purpose, or struggling in ANY way, wondering how to fix it, just remember…..

It’s YOUR plans, or His will. You can’t have BOTH. Focus on God, let him lead the way, and He will open doors in your life that no one can shut.