Get Healthy

Clean Up Your Diet

Here are some things you should give up- when you are SERIOUS about cleaning up your diet. If you still eat most of these, take baby steps, and give one or two up per week. 1) Fast food. 2) Fried Foods 3) Sodas- diet & regular. Also includes no sports drinks. 4) Artificial sweeteners of …

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Fitness Tips

10 Simple Tips to Get REALLY FIT By: The Jump Rope Queen 1. Clean up your diet. This is critical for health. You can work out all day every day and if you eat poorly, you are counteracting all your hard work. 2. Drink at least 1 gallon of H2O every day. Down a glass …

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My Jump Rope Workout

A quick jump rope workout routine is as follows. When you are short on time and need to get the endorphines going…grab your jump rope and JUMP!!! Remember- 10 minutes of jumping rope burns as many calories as 30 minutes jogging. NO EXCUSES. Everyone has 10 minutes. Here it is: A QUICK 10 MINUTE Jump …

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