A Sample of My Diet – P90X

My Nutrition FOR P90X – 2011

I started out eating meat, but by the end of my first round was basically eating a vegan/pescatarian diet.

Many people are asking what a typical day looks like for me now that I have cleaned up my diet. It’s not perfect and I have A LOT to learn still. But, I have come a LONG way since starting this journey and will continue to work on fine tuning it. But this has worked for me.

Here is a sample.

MEAL 1: 1 cup gluten free oatmeal/ 2 TB almond butter/ 1 cup blueberries

MEAL 2: protein shake

MEAL 3: BIG SALAD (spinach, a whole tomato, whole zucchini, chia and hemp seeds, black beans, and sometimes 1 tb olive oil) / handful of almonds

MEAL 4: garden burger and celery/hummus and 8oz almond or coconut milk

MEAL 5: DINNER: asparagus with a big plate steamed squash, zucchini, garbanzo beans, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, ½ to 1 cup quinoa, and steamed shrimp. (Sometimes as an appetizer I add in kale chips)..

MEAL 6: SHAKEOLOGY (sometimes I have TWO shakeology’s in a day and will add one in late afternoon).

My focus during this time was to eliminate processed foods as much as possible, cut back on meat intake, drink TONS of water (adding lemon to it as much as possible), and to eat lots of greens and veggies. I try to never let my body get hungry because that’s when I tend to overeat. So, I always planned ahead and carried healthy options in my purse at all times.

It is a work in progress, and I love being in tune with my body and knowing when I’m hungry now, versus eating out of habit or emotions.

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