May 18

Let Faith Lead the Way

As we are waiting for our home study to officially be approved (hopefully by the end of this month!!) I can’t help but think about how much God is growing us through all of this to trust Him.

Not only are we stepping out of our comfort zone pursuing adoption… we are stepping so far out of our comfort zone that there is no other way we could EVER do this other than to grow our faith.

I gotta lay it out there… we are adopting an infant, but the baby stage scares me. There, I said it.   As much as I love children & as much as I know we have a lot of love to give to one, I haven’t been around babies much at all in my life.

It’s scary, but we can relax because God knows what we can & can’t handle.

He knows how long it’s going to take for this adoption process .

And He already has our child picked out for us! 

That’s such a comforting feeling.

Remembering that helps ease the anxiety of not knowing what to expect through all of this, whether or not we will we make good parents & whether we can we handle a baby.

You know, all those worries I’m sure that MOST new soon-to-be parents probably feel. I don’t think the feelings are much different just because the baby isn’t growing inside my belly.

We know we aren’t alone in this journey and that we can do ANYTHING through HIM (Phillipians 4:13)

As Andy Stanley reminded us in the service yesterday  “DON’T LET DOUBT, TAKE YOU OUT.”

We have to have faith bigger than we’ve ever had before.  And the more we grow in FAITH, the quicker the fears disappear.

We know we can’t do it on our own.   And it’s a good thing NONE of us ever have to.


Thank you again, for being part of our journey.


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  1. Abbi

    It’s pretty terrifying when someone hands you a teeny tiny newborn, whether they grew in your belly or grew in your heart. But somehow they second that they are yours everything changes, everything makes total sense and no sense at the same time and you are suddenly in mama mode and you make it work. You are going to be great and while it’s nerve-wracking it’s also amazing!!

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