Apr 22

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… You’re in Good Hands

By Jamie Len Cumbo

It’s been several months since deciding to go down this path of adoption and we are in the final stretch!

Our final interview and home visit is scheduled for next weeeeek! We are so excited. And of course we’re a little nervous too, as it’s a huge financial commitment & there are so many ‘unknowns’.    Like how LONG will it take to be matched with a child?  Will it be a boy or a girl?  What do we need to buy to prepare?   So many questions!!

We’ve heard of people completing the home study and getting matched within a few days.  And others who waited several years.   In either case, we know all we can do is prepare as best we can… and remembering the details aren’t in our hands.

Once we ‘pass’ & get our home study approved, after that it’s basically a waiting game until we are matched with a child. Basically this is the final step in committing to waiting however long it takes.

We trust that God knows the perfect timing. We know He does.

It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that we could literally be parents soon! When women are pregnant they have 9 months to emotionally prepare for this.

With that said, we decided this weekend it’s time to start getting a nursery ready! We had some fun looking on Pinterest getting nursery ideas, together.   I know my husband is going to make a wonderful father. I think that’s when it really hit me.   We are doing this.

Taking each step as it is put in front of us. Not really knowing what to expect & trying to be as open minded and patient through this process.

We know in our hearts this is the direction we are being led.   Knowing we are stepping out in faith more than anything & that alone puts our hearts at ease knowing we don’t have to have the details figured out.

‘It takes the same energy to BELIEVE as it does to worry. The things you are praying for will show up when you are most ready for them.’

If you’re struggling with a decision in your life, a situation, or whatever it is that consumes you right now….

I hope that you find some comfort in knowing you DO NOT have to have it all figured out.

There is never a perfect time.   You’ll never be fully ready.    There are always going to be so many unknowns when you take a step in a new direction.   Just take a step.    Just one.   Have faith.   And the details will unfold.

Thank you again for being part of our adoption journey.

With love.

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