Feb 05

Nothing Random About It

By: Jamie Len Cumbo


“Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.”  ~Ben Franklin


A friend recently shared this quote with me and I agree wholeheartedly, especially after all that has been happening lately.

It feels like since my husband and I decided to move forward to pursue adoption things have been happening that some people would probably just say are coincidences.  But I think anyone who is a believer would probably say there’s nothing random about it all.


Many times we overlook the little ‘coincidences’ and miracles all around us, every day.  We’re all guilty of this. I know I am.


I want to share a couple ‘situations’ that have happened recently through this adoption process and some insight it’s brought.


Several months ago when we started this process, my husband and I went to a meeting called LOVE BIG that was being held by a non-profit organization to help people decide whether fostering or adopting would be a good fit for them.


It was purely an informational meeting.  They were not selling us on any agency or company to work with.   Their purpose was to share personal stories and experiences of birth moms, adoptive parents, fostering vs. adopting, what to expect, and some legal stuff.  It was to help us choose & prepare us for what path would be best for us.


And it definitely helped!!!


At the meeting there was a birth mother who shared her testimony of why she made the decision that adoption would be best for her and her child.  And some insight from her perspective.   A side that many times is overlooked.   We were so grateful she had the courage to share her testimony that day.    It was that particular birth mom’s powerful testimony that pretty much opened my husband’s heart to the whole process of wanting to move forward with adoption.


Here’s where it starts to get good.


A couple weeks ago I found myself with my mom and we ended up in the house of the founder of the non-profit company who organized that ‘random’ info session, Love Big, that my husband and I attended several months back!!


It was ‘random’ that I went with my mom to this woman’s house and ‘random’ of all the millions of people in Atlanta that I was in her home just days before my husband and I were starting our official classes moving forward in the adoption process.


It was fun to let her know how amazing that event was in helping us choose what path we were going to take.  Because her purpose was to educate people, now she got to hear firsthand how big of an impact it had on us.


And I told her it was the birth mother who shared her powerful testimony at the event that day that touched us so much.  It was amazing to connect the dots.  And it was definitely not by chance.


Hang with me… It gets better…


A few days after ‘randomly’ crossing paths with that woman who put on that event,  was our first official meeting with the adoption agency we decided to work with!   At the end of our very first classroom session, two birth moms come in to talk to the group…


One of them was the birth mother we met several months ago whose story impacted us so much!!


We were blown away.  What are the chances!?!


We had no idea she was employed by the agency we chose to work with!!  We were lit up with excitement when she walked in the room.  She had no idea how much of a role she played in our journey and getting us in that room that night, too!


The best part was when the birth mother was sharing her story this time, she included how she was offered her dream job last year and turned it down.  (It was going to be with the same company, just relocating her across the country to another state).


BUT-  she said it was hard to explain but she felt in her heart she had more “work” to finish here in Georgia.


She just said her gut was telling her she was meant to stay here.    (I’m smiling so big at this point, I think I know part of the reason why).


We found out she turned that job down right before that info session we attended last year!    Had she not turned down that position, she would not have been at that ‘random’ info session we went to that opened our hearts all the way.  She was a HUGE part of it!!


It was undeniable God had so much more planned with all of this, not just for the birth mom, but other people she was sharing her testimony with (like us!)  And that all of this was clearly part of the big plan.   


nothing is random


After all of these ‘things’ that were happening last week leading up to this point, I couldn’t help but feel God’s hand directing us and confirming this is the path for us. I appreciate these moments on a whole new level.


I’ve also learned that these special moments happen to all of us.   Sometimes more IN YOUR FACE moments like this,  but they happen to all of us.


We are all given guidance and direction.  What we do with it is in our hands.    And even when you don’t get nudges or coincidences happening along your journey giving you the confirmation you’re looking for, it does NOT mean God gave up on you or that you’re on the wrong path.

He’s always there.   Focus on doing things His way, not yours.  


Bottom line is this…


I hope that when you have something ‘random’ or a ‘coincidence’ happen… just SMILE, knowing WHO is behind it all.


And that everything in your life, good and bad, has led you to this point and has all been perfectly planned.


Jamie Len Cumbo



  1. Jen

    Beautiful Jamie!

    1. Jamie Len Cumbo

      THANK YOU so much Jen!! 🙂 xo

  2. Sally

    I love it. Thanks for sharing. We serve an amazing God who knows exactly what we need and exactly when we need it. 🙂

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