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Faithfully Adopting… The Beginning of Our Journey

Faithfully Adopting ….  The Beginning of Our Journey


By Jamie Len Cumbo


Looking back on going to Cambodia this past summer,  I really didn’t know what to expect. As one of the newer believers on the mission team, I wasn’t sure what God wanted me to do over there.  

One thing I was sure of was (or so I thought) was that I would be able to play with the kids– something that I truly enjoyed.

But when the kids didn’t really want much to do with the jump ropes I brought over there and wanted nothing to do with balancing on their heads or doing yoga poses– I had to just trust I was there for a reason.

So I loved on those kids.   And one little girl in particular captured my heart. Her name was Theary.  I had never experienced a bond like that before.   She didn’t speak English, but the smiles and affection was all she needed. It was perfectly planned & God wanted to show me that it possible to love a child so deeply that wasn’t mine.

And that was all Theary needed…. LOVE.  

Every child deserves THAT.

It was then that He placed adoption heavy on my heart for the first time, something we had never really considered before.

So yes… we are in the adoption process! Our application has been accepted & we started our classes this week!

Are we nervous about adopting?  A little. Excited? Absolutely.  Just as anyone is when you find out you’re pregnant! Believe it or not, you go through many of the same emotions.

There are many unknowns, but we know we have a lot of love to give a child who wouldn’t otherwise have it.

And this isn’t just about two people who want a baby.   It’s about a journey of FAITH.  Because God had to do some amazing work in our lives to get us to this point and we will be sharing our journey with you as we go through this process of adoption.

We are ready for whatever God has planned for us as we go down this path. Let the paperwork begin! 🙂

By: Jamie Len Cumbo


  1. Abbi

    SO excited for you. I can’t wait to follow your journey and eventually meet a sweet new member of your family!

    1. Jamie Len Cumbo

      Hana!! @abbi I love u thank u so much!! XO

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