Jun 01

5 Ways to Keep Focused on Your Goals


Are you focused on your goals— specifically, when it
comes to your health???

Here’s the problem.

It’s pretty easy to eat a healthy meal. It may even be pretty easy to
workout. However, if you go through these each day just ‘because’
and you aren’t supporting a goal, then it is super easy to lose motivation,

Eventually, you may find yourself skipping workouts and eating more
than you intended to. You may even find you’ve completely forgotten
about your weight loss plans.

So How Do You Stay Focused On Your Weight Loss Goals?

These 5 powerful steps you can maintain focus and achieve

1) The first step is to have a goal. How much do you want to weigh?
What size clothes do you want to be in? And when do you plan to reach
that goal? (a specific date)

2) The second step is to break that goal down into manageable
For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds it can seem overwhelming.
If you break that 20 pound goal down into 1 lb a week you know that within
5 months you will have achieved success. And one lb a week is a very manageable

3) The third step is to know how to achieve your goals – create a step
by step plan.
For example, if you now know that you need to lose a pound a
week that means reducing your daily calorie intake by 500 calories (500 calories
by 7 days is 3500 calories, which equals a pound.) Or you could increase your
activity to burn an extra 500 calories each day. How you choose to achieve your
goal is up to you. The point is that you must have a plan. A plan will help you stay focused.

4) The fourth step to maintain focus is to track your results. If you
don’t track your steps and your achievements how will you know if you’re on
track to achieve your goals?

You can use any number of tools to track your success:
• Journal
• Spreadsheet
• TeamBeachbody.com
• Mobile device app such as MyFitnessPal or Livestrong

5) The fifth and final step is to reward yourself for your success. Don’t
wait for the big day when you’ve reached your goal weight to celebrate. Celebrate
the smaller successes too! Share online with
your friends, family and network. Buy new clothing – whatever makes you feel good.

Focus is about keeping your eye on your goal. And these 5 key steps will help
you to find and maintain focus to reach your fitness goals!


Jamie Len Cumbo

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