Mar 09

5 Reasons to SWEAT at Home


There used to be such a strong stigma attached to the word sweat. Dirty. Gross. Smelly. And for some, I’m sure there still is.

I’ve learned to love the word. Because when I hear it, I think of working out, fit bodies, and health.

It’s become one of my favorite words.

I’ve learned that in order to dramatically change your body it means you must eat a clean diet, have accountability, set goals, and you’ve got to get your sweat on!!

Here are 5 top reasons to sweat it out AT HOME:

1. You don’t have to worry about looking cute for anyone.

2. You will never have to wait for a machine, like you would at the gym

3. You will save money for gas and that gym membership you don’t need

4. You can grunt, moan, and make any noises you want while you’re pushing yourself to the limit

5. There are no excuses when you commit to working out at home. One way or another, you can always find a few minutes to get sweaty at home. Always.

The more sweat that drips from your face, the more changes you will make to your body.


NO MORE EXCUSES. Just a few more reasons WHY…

By: Jamie Len Cumbo

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