Dec 30

Lessons Learned Along the Way

By: Jamie Len Cumbo

Things I have learned on my way to living a healthier life:

1. Surround yourself with others on the same journey to live healthier. You will have good days and bad days. There will be times you will pop out of bed and be eager to hit your workout… and other days the thought of working out is dreadful because it feels like someone has taken a sledgehammer to your thighs from doing so many lunges. The more you surround yourself with others who are going through the same obstacles, it will be much easier for you to deal with them when they come into your world. Plus, being held accountable for your goals, and surrounding yourself with others who inspire you to be better is part of what makes the journey so much fun!

2. Living healthy doesn’t have to be more expensive. It is clear that if you shop at Whole Foods or one of those natural grocery stores, your bill is inevitably going to be more than if you were shopping for highly processed foods at a regular grocery store. (Processed foods are cheaper to produce). However, if you dedicate yourself to planning your meals, eating at home, and cooking your meals in bulk you may actually save money! Remind yourself of all the benefits to eating clean. Your health is worth the extra money.

3. The more weight you lose, the more food pushers will try to tempt you. Stay strong. Remind them you have committed yourself to living a healthier life and you can have anything you want to eat or drink, but you CHOOSE not to during this first phase. The first phase is the strictest. You are in the process of getting rid of years of bad habits. You owe it to yourself to give 110% during the first 90 days. No exceptions. And they owe it to you to respect that.

4. You will go from feeling STRESSED to BLESSED. It’s easy to be stressed out with balancing work, friends, family, weight, etc. etc. When you eat healthy, work out, and feel good every day, your stress will slowly fade along with those bad habits. Your load becomes lighter and days seem brighter. You will catch yourself smiling more and finding more things to be grateful for because life is so good! And it’s even better when you FEEL that way.

5. The healthier you become, the more you will step out of your COMFORT ZONE. With healthy changes to your body and your life, comes a new found confidence. You will find yourself doing things you never dreamed you would ever do (like posting before pictures of what you look like before you started your journey to health). When you do things that make you uncomfortable- you are going where you don’t normally go- and that can only mean one thing…. CHANGE happening like it’s never happened before.

These are just a few things I have learned so far. I am excited to see what else this journey has in store…

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