Aug 24

Jump Rope Benefits: Train Your Inner Athlete

By: Jamie Len Cumbo

I picked up a jump rope for the first time when I hit a weight loss plateau a few years ago. It helped me get over the plateau… but more importantly it quickly became my new passion. I never would have thought at 30 years old I would love jumping rope so much, but after seeing and feeling the benefits, I cannot imagine my life without it.

Jumping Rope is an inexpensive, portable, easy to learn, and fun way to work out. It is one of the most cost effective pieces of exercise equipment that provides one of the greatest cardio workouts in existence. Just ask Rocky.

Top 5 reasons to Pick Up A Jump Rope

1. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: When you are short on time, pick up a rope. Jumping rope for 10 minutes can provide the same benefits as 30 minutes of jogging. You have NO MORE EXCUSES of not having time to work out ever again!

2. YOUR NEW TRAVEL COMPANION: Carry jump ropes in your car and your suite case when you travel. They are light and portable. You can virtually take one anywhere you go, and always squeeze in a few minutes to get your heart pumping.

3. FEEL THE BURN AND LOSE THE POUNDS: Jumping rope can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient workouts possible. You will tone your body all over, especially your calves, shoulders, and core.

4. GET OVER YOUR WEIGHT LOSS HUMP: Jumping rope will help you get over a weight loss plateau by shocking your body as it works fast twitch muscle fibers, getting your heart rate high, and putting you back into fat burning mode.

5. NOT JUST FOR KIDS ANYMORE: Once you learn the proper technique to jump (making it a low impact exercise if you do it correctly), you will not only train your inner athlete, but your inner child as well!

Jump rope training will enhance:
• Coordination
• Balance
• Agility
• Quickness
• Muscular endurance
• Reflexes
• Memory
• Alertness
• Bone density
• Timing and rhythm
• Power

Be patient and persistent in the beginning. You will not pick up a rope the first time and be an expert. IT TAKES PRACTICE. Make it a goal to jump a minute longer than you did the last time you jumped. You will be up to 20 minutes in no time! JUST JUMP and have fun, knowing you are burning calories and making yourself healthy!


  1. Angela Jones

    Jamie Girl- I always tell you this, but THANK YOU for inspiring me to pick up a jump rope, it has quickly become my new favorite workout. I love it. I jump all of the time, plus, Kaia does it with me and it is super fun. I am finding myself pushing more and more, trying new moves and it is just an awesome workout. Your right, I sweat, burn calories and there is no excuse for not having the time to workout, I always get a great workout in just 20 minutes. So, thank you. I know that you have inspired many more to pick up a rope. I was in such a rut with working out, I started to dread getting on the treadmill. So to have a bit more variety, is always good. I love you! xx

    1. Jamie Len Cumbo

      Angie girl! The thought of inspiring you to start jumping rope is the greatest compliment EVER! I am glad it helped you get out of your work out rut. I bet you and Kaia have so much fun together! 🙂 Love you girl!

  2. Ludzy

    Wow very inspiring,i jst bought a rope yesterday,an started today,lol i coudnt do it more than a minute,but wil try an do two minutes tomorrow,i jst had a baby two months ago an need to lose 12kg fast.

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