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Jamie  (Jumping Rope) in Nike Throwdown TV Commercial series

My name is Jamie.

Some people call me by my nickname…The Jump Rope Queen.

I am married to the love of my life <3


I am a cancer survivor.

I have overcome some BIG obstacles in my life.

We ALL have a ‘SO WHAT’ story that has led us here.   It doesn’t define us.



I’ve learned the importance of surrounding yourself with people who

inspire and encourage you along the way.

Couple that with FAITH and nothing can stop you.

St. Lucia

This all began as a weight loss journey and has turned into SO MUCH MORE.

It’s led to a place of total surrender … which has led us to pursue adoption.

(who would have ever thought!? 🙂

I am here to share my struggles, lessons learned, and journey to help you make positive changes in your life.

We all want to know how to be the happiest version of ourselves, yes?!?

Good.  You’re in the right place.

The happier you are, the easier it is to light up the lives around you!

  THAT’S what we’re all here for.




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Our Adoption Story


Our journey to parenthood BEGINS with adoption.


We are not that couple who has suffered from infertility and has tried other avenues to have a biological child, THEN turned to adoption after exhausting all options.


No. That’s not our story.


Many people don’t understand this.  But for us, it was a clear decision.


For us, a pregnancy would be considered a high risk pregnancy.  So, we decided that since we did not get pregnant naturally, (after being married almost 7 years), perhaps it was not in God’s plan for us.


For us, given our situation, we didn’t feel it was important to see a specialist, take hormones/injections, or even go down the route of having a surrogate.


We felt that there must have been a reason we have not conceived.  If it happens along the way and God also blesses us with a baby, biologically, then we’d be thrilled. However, that isn’t our priority.


Starting a family & loving a child is. 


We know it’s love that makes a family, way more than genetics.


This journey to pursue adoption began after I had a near death experience back in September of 2013, which led me to become a believer & surrender my heart to God.


Shortly after that I went on a mission trip to Cambodia in 2014, where adoption was first laid on my heart.  The orphans we met over there, (many whom did not speak English) made it clear they needed love & affection.


Something we have plenty to give.


This is when it became really clear adoption would be our path, even though we were unsure what to expect with it all because there were so many different ways to do it.


So, we did some research, stepped out in faith, & officially started the adoption process back in January 2015.


And we never in a million years imagined we would be waiting so long to be matched.


We went the domestic adoption route because we had to choose one.  However, we are open to domestic or international. We are also pursuing infant adoption since we want to experience parenthood from as close to birth as possible.  And we have used a national agency up to this point, with no luck of being matched yet.


Which leads us here… turning to social media & our networks to help us with this process.


We hope it’s clear to anyone reading this, that this is about so much more than starting a family or about adoption.


This is a story about love.


It’s a story about faith.


It’s a story about God’s grace.


So, if you know of anyone who has become pregnant and for whatever reason has decided not to parent at this time, PLEASE let us know!


We are hoping someone out there can help connect us to them.


xo   Jamie & Steve






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